Toas-Tite™ Grill
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The Toas-Tite™ Grill recalls a nostalgic era for many baby boomers and their parents. Made of die cast aluminum, with steel rods and hardwood handles, just like the original, it comes packaged in a retro box along with reprints of the 1949 Instruction and Recipe Booklets.

Sandwich maker can be used over gas or electric stove, electric hot plate, outdoor grill, fireplace or campfire. Quickly turns two ordinary slices of bread and your favorite sandwich filling into a hot, sealed toasted sandwich. The delectable little taste thrills made with the grill look like miniature pies, crispy brown outside and sealed all around the edge so the filling won't drip out the back while you're biting the front. Made in the USA!

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Toas-Tite™ Grill

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