Saw-Whet or Screech Owl House
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Saw-whet owls and screech owls have tough competition from other birds because they are so small. This house provides a perfect cavity, complete with wood chips for nesting material. 17-3/4"h x 9-1/4"w x 11"d. Constructed to last and includes a brochure that describes the species, and the placement and maintenance of the product. Handcrafted in the USA from easter white pine. 

Habitat: Nests in deep woods, preferably near swamps. Likes coniferous woods and evergreen thickets in parks and gardens.

Range: Breeds from southeastern Alaska east across central Canada to Nova Scotia and south to southern California, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina (in mountains) and Connecticut. Winters in breeding range and south to Arkansas and North Carolina.

  • Item #: 7-CCP-10062

Saw-Whet or Screech Owl House

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