Man Skills by Nick Harper
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For every man who has humiliated himself in public when asked to carve a turkey or fix a leaky faucet, this is the must-have guide to all those essential (and not-so-essential) man skills he never got around to learning.

Written in a hilarious style, including illustrations for the trickiest maneuvers, Man Skills provides the answers to the questions most men are afraid to ask.

-How to Start a Fire with Two Sticks
-How to Beat a Hangover
-How to Hit a Carnival Hammer (and Make the Bell Ring)
-How to Tie a Bow Tie
-How to Pass Yourself Off As Some Kind of Wine Buff
-How to Blow a Smoke Ring
-How to Undo a Bra Using Only One Hand
-How to Survive in Prison
-. . . and much, much more.

Paperback. 192 pages. Printed in the USA.

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Man Skills by Nick Harper

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