Ginger Cottage Incense Smoker
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This intricately hand-crafted wooden cottage comes with 12 incense cones to fill the room with calming scents. The smoke from the incense billows out the chimney creating a delightful seasonal mood. But that’s only the beginning… Throughout the collection you’ll find all sorts of other surprises to delight and mystify in the joy and discovery of all that is Christmas!

Directions: This smoker is specially designed to burn small incense cones. Place one cone in the brass cup and light with a match. Allow to burn for a few seconds. Blow out the flame and replace the cottage on the base. Do no leave unattended. Not a toy. Approx. 4.5  x 5 x 5". Made in the USA.


  • Item #: 5-TRC-GCS101

Ginger Cottage Incense Smoker

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