Cardboard Christmas Tree-White Craft Project
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Go crazy and get creative decorating this tree! Color it! Paint it! Glitter it! Have family and friends sign & date it! Put together a holiday photo collage! Get the whole family involved creating this wonderful keepsake tree to bring out year after year. 

This alternative Christmas tree hangs almost anywhere. Place over double windows, patio doors, on a wall...just about anywhere! Great for kids bedrooms, playrooms, dorm rooms, nursing homes, offices or a living situations where no trees are allowed, or there is no space for a real tree. Ecologically friendly-reusable and recyclable! Lightweight and assembles in minutes! The tree is built with 6 lightweight green dense cardboard sections for versatility of height. Tree can be 3' to 7' tall with an adjustable trunk. Pet and allergy friendly. Tree comes with 6 tree sections, trunk, brads and washers, picture hook with nail, hanging loop and a red ribbon topper. Comes in a storage box measuring 60" x 15" x 1.5". Made in the USA.

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Cardboard Christmas EZ Tree-White

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