Cardboard Christmas Tree-Green
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Decorate just like a real tree! This alternative Christmas tree hangs almost anywhere. Place over double windows, patio doors, on a wall...just about anywhere! Great for kids bedrooms, playrooms, dorm rooms, nursing homes, offices or a living situations where no trees are allowed, or there is no space for a real tree. Ecologically friendly-reusable and recyclable! Lightweight and assembles in minutes! The tree is built with 6 lightweight green dense cardboard sections for versatility of height. Tree can be 3' to 7' tall with an adjustable trunk. Pet and allergy friendly. Tree comes with 6 tiers, adjustable trunk, brads, washers and a loop for hanging. Comes in a storage box measuring 60" x 15" x 1.5". Made in the USA.

  • Item #: 5-BC-EZTG

Cardboard Christmas EZ Tree - Green

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