24' BluTrack Stunt Pack
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This kit of double lane toy car track includes 24 feet of BluTrack, 8 Ramps, Hanger pad, Stiffener bar with Velcro/rubber pads and a suction cup. It all comes in a sturdy storage box container for quick set ups and quick clean up. Simply use the hanger pad, unroll the dual lane track and play begins. The design of the track is determined by the children or family and gravity. The flexibility and durability of BluTrack allows for simple races, multiple loops, hills, ramps and curves. The included ramps can be used singly or in pairs for BluTrack to slide into to hold loops or jumps. The stunt kit is ideal for those children that enjoy racing or jumping or the challenge of setting up detailed track designs.

Made in the USA.

  • Item #: 2-BT-02

24' BluTrack Stunt Pack

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