Journal When I'm Gone-My Info, Wishes and Thoughts
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  The pages of this journal will guide you through the process to communicate your info, wishes, and thoughts.  The best time to do this is before a life-threatening illness occurs or a crisis hits.  This will greatly reduce the stress, uncertainty, and anxiety for you and your family.

This journal has plenty of space to write down the locations of all your important documents, financial and insurance info, and other detailed information including service providers, credit card info, and usernames & passwords. It features several pages for funeral wishes, a health history, education, and work history along with a family tree. Guided pages help to record special details of your childhood through adult life along with cherished accomplishments and unrealized dreams. You can leave special messages and advice to specific people. It is truly the gift of a lifetime. 200 pages. Made in the USA.

  • Soy-based ink
  • Acid-free recycled paper
  • Durable hard cover design
  • Item #: 1-JU-90

When I'm Gone-My Info, Wishes and Thoughts

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