Toffee-16 oz. Gift Boxes
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Delicious Toffee makes a wonderful gift or a yummy treat for friends and family! Toffee comes in an attractive 16 oz. Gift Box. Made in the USA.


Milk Choclolate Almond Pecan: A perfect balance of crunch and chocolate silkiness. Sink you teeth into this addicting mix of fine nuts and velvety chocolate with a rich buttery backdrop and you will be hooked. Ingredients: Almond Pecan: Butter, Sugar, Almonds, Chocolate, Pecans

Dark Chocolate Almond: This delicious Dark Chocolate Almond Pecan Toffee is sure to be a hit at any gathering! Topped with rich dark chocolate and sprinkled with pecans this devious flavor is quite the tasty treat. Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Almonds, Chocolate, Pecans

Dark & Spicy Almond: What could be done to make decadent toffee even more irresistible? How about a little spice? This Dark & Spicy Almond Toffee does just that, the mixture of the sweet toffee with the spicy red pepper is a match made in heaven. This addictive flavor takes toffee to a whole new level. Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Almonds, Chocolate, Pecans, Red Pepper





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Toffee-16 oz. Gift Boxes

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