Beer Bread Sea Salt & pepper
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Our newest hot selling duo is a gourmet zinger... Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. It will catch you by surprise with each bite while leaving a lingering taste of pepper. Do as Salt-n-Pepa would say,"Ooh baby, baby. Bake it real good!" Just mix in a bowl with one bottle of your favorite brew and pour into a greased loaf pan or muffin tin to bake.  This bread makes great dinner rolls! 

Vegan and Kosher, this bread mix contains no soy, dairy, oils or nuts. Ingredients: Unbleached non bromated enriched flour, baking powder (aluminum free), sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, cane sugar, baking soda.

Makes one loaf. Product of the USA.

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Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Beer Bread Mix

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