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An all-in-one guide to kitchen troubles such as rescuing a failed recipe, making emergency substitutions, or brushing up on techniques, How To Break An Egg: 1,453 Kitchen Tips, Food Fixes, Emergency Substitutions And Handy Techniques packs in tips by the editors, contributors and readers of Fine Cooking Magazine. Each chapter on 'tips' or 'techniques' is subdivided in the table of contents by method or tip: this makes it quick and easy to locate tips on say pitting fruit, or cooking potatoes properly.

New cooks will find this a much more extensive reference than your usual substitution guide - and provides much more overall culinary detail on method than most, while retaining the at-a-glance referencing system so important to a cook facing problems and needing immediate solutions.

Hardcover. 394 pages.

Made in the USA

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How to Break an Egg

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