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With a taste like a winter squash, "Fairytale" is the perfect choice for baking. Weighing up to 30 pounds and 18 inches wide this bright orange pumpkin has a unique shape and orange-tan exterior. Carrying the lineage of 3 heriloom lines, it has demonstrated great heirloom qualities.

Sow 6 seeds over a hill 9 to 12 inches tall and 1 foot across. Choose an area with full sun after all chance of frost is past. Thin to 3 plants per hill when 1 inch tall. When vines are 3 inches high, thin to the strongest plant in each hill. Use heavy organic mulch to control weeds.

Ferry-Morse Seeds have been sold continuously since 1856 and are guaranteed to grow.

Made in the USA.

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Ferry-Morse Heirloom Pumpkin, Fairytale V

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